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Desert Reef Standard Poodles

A Premier Breeder

Breeder: Desert Reef Standard Poodles 
Karen Green
Address: ##
City: St. George




Telephone: (435) 688-1739 res
435) 619-6019 cell



Health Screenings Registered:

Desert Reef poodles are located in Utah’s beautiful southwest corner, a 2-hour drive north of Las Vegas.  We are a small hobby breeder, committed to raise happy, healthy, sound and beautiful standards in silver, blue, white, cream and occasionally black, and now miniatures in black, cream and white. 

We carefully plan litters with priority being quality, health and temperament.  Genetic health testing is done to aid in a proper breeding, along with careful pedigree research for lesser health risks.  Puppies are lovingly raised, handled from birth, including the ‘Bio Sensor’ method to better their neurological development.

The puppies have use of a large clean landscaped ‘playground’ for important physical muscle development.  Great care is given to maximize a healthy immune system, i.e. nutrition, exercise and mental stimulation.  (They are weaned to a natural diet to help fight against any future allergies also.)  They are well socialized, with time spent with cats and visits from children.  Vaccines are kept minimal, using Dr. Jean Dodd’s protocol.

Puppies are temperament tested/profiled at 7 weeks to ensure suitable placements.  They will be well on their way regarding house training and will have had grooming experiences and familiarity to a crate. All of our dogs are family members, which includes going to work. They are the ‘meet and greet doorstops’ at our natural pet food store in Washington Utah, ‘Bone Appetit!’

Shipping is possible but it’s encouraged to come to our home.  (Visits, to see pups and adults, are welcomed as well). 

Puppies come with a generous package to include pedigrees, photos, test results, books and other valuable reading material, food, treats, chews etc.

Most importantly, puppies come with health and temperament guarantees.

Feel free to contact us, through phone or email, for more information.


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