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KayeKids Standard and Miniature Poodles

A Premier Breeder

Breeder: KayeKids Standard and Miniature Poodles 
Debrah Kaye-Jolgren & Ken Jolgren
Address: 20875 Cinnamon Drive
City: Jamul




Telephone: (619) 468-9388



Health Screenings Registered:

KayeKids was born with the arrival of our first apricot standard bitch in 1991.  She was quickly followed by the addition of a red standard bitch to our household.  These two females were the foundation for our current breeding program.  We only breed a litter to produce the puppy who will be the next step in our breeding program.  Apricots are really our passion, but we also have blacks, creams and champagnes.

We are completely committed to breeding a healthy, intelligent, beautiful standard Poodle.  We breed to maintain our already established low inbreeding co-efficiencies. Our dogs live with us, sleep with us and share our lives.  Puppies are hand raised in our home, being handled from their birth.  Throughout their young lives they are introduced to small stresses and exercises that help their cognitive abilities to grow.  Above all, they are given lots of love and attention.  Once the puppies are seven weeks old, they are professionally temperament tested.  The personality profile for each puppy is included in its "puppy packet" along with copies of all the testing that has been done on the parents and the generations behind them.  All puppies are sold on spay/neuter contracts or on private treaty show contracts.  Our contracts include a lifetime return policy.  We consider every puppy we have produced our responsibility for their lifetime.

All of our breeding stock has passed ALL the testing criteria suggested by Versatility in Poodles.  Soundness and temperament are just as important as health and correct structure to us.  Only assets to the Poodle breed are ever bred under the KayeKids name.  We will ship, but prefer you to visit us in person.

Please visit our website for photos and more information regarding our dog family.  As a parting comment, I would just like to say that the reason we breed is to improve this breed that we dearly love.  It is not our livelihood.  We are both gainfully employed behind the scenes in the Theatre.



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