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Sundance Standard Poodles 

A Premier Breeder

Breeder: Sundance Standard Poodles 
Robert & Penny Daugherty
Address: 195 Carriage Circle
City: Stockbridge




Telephone: (770) 389-1655



Health Screenings Registered:

Check with us about our next litter!

Bobby and I have been 'poodle people' since the early 70's and our dogs live with us as our children did. There was actually some "sibling rivalry" when the kids were little...and not so little.

We primarily breed black and cream poodles - but there's always the 'token' apricot to provide that extra dimension to our world and now we have the sweetest apricot girl, named Callie-Marie, who comes from San Diego. Our beautiful Best in Show apricot, Megan, has gone to The Rainbow Bridge to wait for us and we "smile at her" every day when we look out to the big oak tree in the backyard where she is buried. Even though we've had multiple Group winners and a couple of Best in Show standards since Megan she will always be our magic lady to cherish in our hearts.

As breeders we are maniacal about genetic testing and DO test for hips (OFA), Sebaceous Adenitis (GDC), PRA (CERF), thyroid and Von Willebrands (factor 8 in the blood). Of course this doesn't insure that all will be well so we guarantee (in writing) our puppies against any documented life threatening genetic disorder. Our guarantee is for life as there is no time limit on the manifestation of genetic problems.

We put copies of all testing in the puppy packets that we send home with our puppies and we are big believers in
Costco/Kirkland's NEW Nature's Domain Grain-Free dogfood.

Our dogs seem to be excelling in field work (absolutely no thanks to us) with Dianne Wigelsworth in Florida. Dianne writes a very informative column in Poodle Review, which is quite the primer for people who want to work with their dogs in what they were originally bred to do. If you've never seen a field trial it's incredible fun, with great folks, dogs who are bursting with energy and achievement and totally enjoy a glorious outdoor day! Were I not such a squeamish wuss I would be a participant rather than a proud "sideline mommie".

Our dogs live with us, sleep with us and all puppies are well socialized and somewhat potty trained by the time they're ready to be part of a new family.

We only breed when we expect the litter to produce a new puppy for our line, and anyone who's been to our home can see how well  loved the SUNDANCE poodles are. We prefer to have people come to us in person to buy a dog and usually refer to reputable local breeders. It's much easier to have a breeder that you can call or drive to for help, advice and support.

Hopefully, this tells you a bit more about us. Breeding dogs is our hobby, not a livelihood. I am an Oncology Nurse Clinician and my husband is a general contractor.  The second part of our lives begins every night when we come home to our wonderful poodles who complete our lives.


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