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A Few Notes To Viewers

Here's an overview of how works, and what to expect:

When you go to a breeder's page, you will see two types of email links.  If it has an actual email address, like, you are emailing directly to the breeder (the @ sign is the dead giveaway).  BUT, if you see only the kennel name, when you click on it you will go to an email forwarding form.  These are for breeders who do not have email.  This form will ask you for a telephone number, because the breeder will more than likely be calling you to answer your questions.

When you send in an email forwarding request, I then call the breeders, and let them know the information that was in the requests.  (Please be patient!  Those of us on the Internet get spoiled with instant response, but try to remember what it was like before you got email!)  Sometimes I can't get a breeder on the first attempt, but I leave messages with the pertinent details whenever I can.

Whether you call or email, it's always nice if you let breeders know that you found them on!  

This page last updated 01/01/2018