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The Complete Standard Poodle
by Eileen Geeson

Hardcover - 175 pages (May 1998)
The Essential Poodle
by Howell Book House, Ian Dunbar (Editor)

Paperback - 96 pages (April 1999)
Mother Knows Best : The Natural Way to Train Your Dog
by Carol Lea Benjamin, Stephen Lennard (Illustrator)

Hardcover - 256 pages (May 1985)
How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend : A Training Manual for Dog Owners
by New Skete Monks, Helen Shirlock (Introduction), Michael Fox

Hardcover - 202 pages (October 1978)

The Art of Raising a Puppy
by New Skete Monks

Hardcover - 274 pages 1st Ed. edition (March 1991)

Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence : A Positive Training Program
by Carol Lea Benjamin (Photographer), Stephen Lennard (Photographer)

Hardcover - 210 pages (October 1993)
The Complete Poodle
by Del Dahl

Hardcover - 269 pages (June 1994)

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