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A few words to prospective members about Poodles Online:

Why a Directory Site?
 --  A directory site benefits viewers.
     A poodles-only site benefits viewers by allowing them to get the information they need without slogging through page after slow-loading page of other species, other breeds etc.  While searching for my own Standard Poodle pup, I dug long and hard in the search engines, and wished mightily for just such a convenient directory for poodles! 
 --  A directory site allows members of an industry to band together to wield some clout in the search engines.
     Properly deployed, a directory site can attract the majority of search engine traffic on a particular search query.  If a viewer searches and finds the first two pages of results to be the directory or its members, it's a slam-dunk that the directory must be the place to go!  More traffic means more click-through for members, and it's targeted viewer traffic.
 --  Why THIS directory site??
     I've captured Internet traffic with another industry's directory site, so that its niche is locked up.  I'll be putting everything I've learned in the past five years to use for and its members.  I can't think of a more fun way to work, with my curly boy sitting next to me!
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I already have a website.  Why should I be on PoodlesOnline?
 --  Traffic, traffic, exposure, traffic.
     A poodles-only site with lots of search engine draw pulls a lot of directed viewer traffic.  Not just casual browsers, but people definitely searching for one thing.  Ummm, how much traffic has your site gotten recently?  Would some more click-throughs hurt?
 --  Need a little website help?
     Your area of expertise is breeding; mine's graphics and marketing.  Maybe your website could project a more professional presence to the viewer, or could use the marketing tweaks that make your site work better for you and your target market.  Yes, PoodlesOnline does that too (how DID you know that was coming?).  Check our website design page, or send me an email.  I'm here to make the Internet work for you!
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I don't have a website, or even email.  Why should I be on PoodlesOnline?
Let's say somebody helpful is telling you about this site, or showing this page to you.  Here's how POL can help you even if you're not on the Internet:
 --  Internet exposure when you don't have a webpage.
     PoodlesOnline is perfect -- you get targeted viewer traffic, your Premier Breeder listing page will display a full description to viewers, and give them all your contact information.  It's a great way to establish Internet presence without diving full-on into a website.
 --  Email forwarding for those without.
     We all start somewhere!  PoodlesOnline will be happy to create an email forwarding form for the viewer's convenience, then fax or phone inquiries to you.
 --  Later, when you're ready . . .
     PoodlesOnline can walk you through the process of selecting and registering your own domain name, and offers website design services.  It's one-stop shopping, where you get the benefit of a designer with expertise in industry-specific work.  I'm happy to explain things as we go along, and educate you in best utilizing marketing techniques with your website, because I started out the same way.  I learned by trial and error, so you don't have to!
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Cut to the chase.  What does it cost?
    Premier Breeder listing on is available at the annual rate of US$200.-, billed in quarterly installments of $50.-.
    Membership is currently open to those breeders whose breeding stock have health screening results confirmable in the OFA, CERF or  CHIC online databases.  We no longer accept photocopied health testing results due to abuses.  All membership is subject to the Terms of Use of this site.
    To get listed, please send me an email with your contact information (land address/phone), variety(ies) and color(s) you breed, a list of conditions for which your breeding stock is tested, and the full registered names of your dogs whose testing status I can confirm in the OFA and/or CHIC online databases.  We'll start the poodle greet-and-sniff, and should we decide to proceed, I'll send you a Membership Insertion Order by return for your signature.

   The members are what make the directory, and I'd like this to be the very best directory of Premier Breeders available to Internet viewers.
-- Alexa, owned by Windsor

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