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Useful Links

Poodle Club of America:  The name says it all.  Find affiliates, show and judging information, news, contacts and more.
Versatility in Poodles:  Rich educational resource, highly recommended.  Sections on nearly anything you would want to know about poodles, including how to assess a breeder, recommended genetic testing, things to consider carefully before you decide to breed, poodle rescue links and much much more.
The Canine Diversity Project:  Learn the importance of understanding your puppy's coefficient of inbreeding.  Many champion lines are inbred to about COI 22% -- as a comparison, breeding a brother to a sister results in COI 25%!  Paying attention to genetic diversity can reduce incidence of genetic diseases."Your first resource for toy poodle info. Photos. FAQs. Blog. C'mon and sniff around our den. Come. Sit. Stay!"  Lots to learn here -- including information about the genetically-transmitted conditions affecting Toy Poodles.  
Sled Poodles Mushing in Alaska!:  Visit the website of John Suter, who mushed a team of poodles in the Iditarod Sled Dog Race.
Mr. Poodle Head -- Fun interactive game, suitable for slightly warped sensibilities.

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