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By viewing and/or navigating this site, the viewer has agreed to the Terms of Use of does not sell puppies online.  No principal or member of the firm is a breeder.

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Breeders, you know that there's not a single rule on this page that didn't come about by somebody trying to push the envelope and getting in my face about it.  So this is not to say that I would imagine that any of my members in good standing would have problems with any of this -- it's just that somebody, once, did and needed it spelled out.  With that, here we go:

By viewing, navigating and/or submitting membership request to this site, the member has agreed to the Terms of Use of

Membership is currently open to those breeders of purebred Poodles in good standing with the AKC whose breeding stock have health screening results confirmable in the OFA and/or  CHIC online databases.  We no longer accept photocopied health testing results or forwarded emails from certifying organizations due to abuses.  And we all know that "current breeding stock" does not mean a list of 9 and 10 year olds, so let's not go there.

Breeders of crossbreds such as "Goldendoodles" or "Labradoodles" are not eligible for membership on this site.  

The term "Premier Breeder" is a marketing term only and is not regulated by any poodle-breed organization.  

Breeders are expected to adhere to good breeding practices as generally agreed to within the fancy.  The Poodle Club of America, Versatility in Poodles, and other breed clubs all have exemplary standards of such desired practices.

This site promotes the eight color classes and three varieties listed at the top of every page; language designed to market under- or over-sized varieties or "fancy" colors or patterns is not permitted.

Membership on the site is offered as an annual commitment.  This is not only to keep POL from degenerating into a litterbox classifieds, but also for the purely practical reason that one quarter's fee does not cover the cost of putting up the webpage and index links for each breeder, and then removing them at the end of that term.  Quarterly payment is offered as a convenience and courtesy for breeders with good payment records to the site. 

Membership payments will be deemed late as of the close of business on the due date specified on the invoice sent to each breeder.  One reminder will be sent via email, specifying the date on which membership will be deemed to have lapsed.  Once a breeder's membership has lapsed and the breeder page and links are removed from the site, any breeder wishing to relist subsequently will do so at the current rate posted on the site, and a relisting fee of $20.00 will be assessed to offset labor incurred in rebuilding the page and links.  

Should any breeder submit payment later than the initial due date noted on the invoice a total of three (3) times during their history on the site, or lapse in payment resulting in removal from the site, it shall be in's sole discretion whether to offer continued representation on an annual basis only, or to decline to offer further representation on the site.

Litter Announcement listings are offered as a courtesy to breeder-members; this is why there is no additional charge for them.  Should that courtesy be abused it will no longer be extended, on a case-by-case basis.  In any event, no litter promotion will be permitted for Standard Poodles where the dam is less than 24 months of age, or for standard or miniature in the absence of published hip evaluation.

With the many official regulatory agencies out there, is not the Poodle Police.  This site requires health testing, AKC affiliation, and adherence to our Terms and Conditions. We have no desire whatsoever to be dragged into personal issues between individuals, and backbiting that lands in the inbox here will result in unlisting of the breeder(s) instigating same. reserves the right to modify, edit or remove any listing, at any time, for any or no reason, in its sole discretion.

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