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Amity Valley Toy and Miniature Poodles

A Premier Breeder

Breeder: Amity Valley Toy and Miniature Poodles 
Anne M. Seppo
Address: 2120 Jean Duluth Road
City: Duluth




Telephone: (218) 525-1289 or
(218) 525-1108


(218) 525-4671

Health Screenings Registered:
Description: AKC Breeder of Merit

Miniature, Sired by Sonora’s Gun Runner T.P.: Can Ch Amity Mystical The Gold Standard needing 2 points for US championship will be for sale once finished, Silver Beige, Big boy with a beautiful head & a big body & easygoing personality. DOB 4-27-12

Show miniature blue male sired by AmCanInt Ch Amity Mystical F.D.R. T. P. Big boy with a wonderful easy going personality with 9 Can points in 1 weekend & 11 US points with both majors all by 7 months of age. For sale once finished in both countries.

Pale Silver beige male will be 13”with a beautiful head & expression, sired by AmCanCh Refinne Just Foolin' Around At Amity. Definitely show quality & starting in Canada Sept. DOB 3-1`3-13

Offering our Silver Beige 9" toy male.  AmCanCH Amity's DonneyBrooke finished in 6 shows in the US with 4 majors & 4 shows in Canada, never being beaten by another male in either country.  Soon to be proven, a natural born showman with a nice body, great movement & a beautiful face.

I started breeding miniature poodles & later toys in the'70s. As a newly married Special Teacher I purchased first a vicious long backed 'toy' & then a miniature from a puppy mill that had PRA and seizures, and so many health problems that it cost me $1,000. to keep him alive his first year in 1969!  I learned a lot and vowed that I would never put anyone through what I went through.

I have xrayed & done eye checks on even the local pets that I have sold long before testing became common.

I sell all of my puppies on spay/neuter contracts with a LIFETIME health and temperament guarantee because of my strong feelings about only producing healthy, long lived companions, and so IF anything of a hereditary nature affects one of my puppies life, the owner will contact me.  A spayed or neutered miniature from my line should live close to 20 years.  My toys tend to be under 9 1/2" tall & under 5#, some as small as 2 1/2 # at maturity.


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