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Avalon Standard Poodles

A Premier Breeder

Breeder: Avalon Standard Poodles 
Mary C. Skog DVM
Address: 11029 Palmer Road
City: Darlington




Telephone: (608) 482-0156


(608) 776-3948

Health Screenings Registered:

AKC Breeder of Merit

Avalon Poodles are located at Redrock Farm in rural southwestern Wisconsin. Our goals have been to breed dogs that are sound in mind and body and lovely to look at. Our main focus has always been to provide the best in family companions, not only for ourselves, but for those who wish to share their homes with one of our poodles. 

We do extensive health testing on our breeding stock. My husband and myself are both practicing veterinarians, so health care is our passion and our livelihood. Our dogs are tested for hip dysplasia (OFA), inherited eye diseases such as cataracts (CERF), an inherited skin disorder known as Sebaceous Adenitis (SA), a bleeding disorder (VonWillebrand's Disease-VWD), and blood tests to check for normal thyroid function, kidney and liver disease and Addison's Disease. We do not knowingly breed to dogs that produce either epilepsy or bloat. We offer a 5 year health guarantee on all puppies that are placed.

Andrew, our son, plays an integral part in the socialization of our puppies. He has the entire litter chasing him and his friends as soon as they are on their feet.

If you find yourself in southwestern Wisconsin, please consider a visit. The dogs are always up for company.....Mary


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